All patients are entitled to have a chaperon present for consultations, examination or procedures if they wish to. This can be a family member or friend or staff of the clinic. The Doctors may also want to request a chaperon to be present depending on the type of procedure.

No-show or missed appointment:

If a patient misses appointment or does not show up and do not telephone to cancel appointment on 3 occasions they will receive a letter informing them that they may need to find another doctor, unless they have a very good urgent reason.

Abusive behavior: 

Spring Family Medical and Walk-In Clinic is a friendly clinic that welcome all patients including children without any discrimination whatsoever, however we also have zero tolerance towards abusive behaviour of any kind. We reserve the right to work in an environment free from violent, threatening, or abusive behavior and everything will be done to protect that right.

Patient satisfaction or feedback survey:

Springs Medical and Walk-in Clinic conducts an annual patient satisfaction or feedback survey.
The purpose is to help improve our services to our patients. If you are interested in completed this one page survey, please contact the clinic to participate online or in a written survey. The results, feedback, comments and suggestion will be published annually.